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COLONY - Escape Stories/ The story of Abouzar Soltani, a Christian artist, suspended refugee camp!

Stereo AKT invites you to a theatre walk in the former tobacco factory building on Kőbányai road, where you will explore the site's little-known past with a team of actors, singers, and migrant participants.

we take a look back at the first period of the refugee crisis starting in 2015 and get to know the story of Abouzar and his son, Armin, who are the last witnesses in Hungary of the world of transit zones operating on the southern border.

Also, we will be joined by Irini and Perisztera, whose family, fleeing the civil war, found refuge in the closed world of the Greek colony on Kőbánya Road. Stories of refugees in radically different historical and political contexts, only the host country is the same in both cases: Hungary in the late 1940s and today. Human escape stories and faceless propaganda that manipulates public opinion are brought to life through personal recollections and musical compositions. Abouzar said: "I crossed the border legally, but the first thing we saw from Hungary was the barbed wire. Fences and police everywhere. No grass, not a tree in sight, just concrete and iron. We prisoned 553 days in a container. Armin, my son, was 10 years old at the time."

Abuzar Soltani, a Christian artist, captured one year and a half in a closed refugee camp in Hungary with his son Armin, and during these days he made 2 films called Fish and Wish. His films attracted the attention of civil and human rights activists, and as a result, the closed camp in Hungary was closed forever in 2020 and more suitable conditions were prepared for them. Epiphany Culture and Art Foundation congratulates Abuzar Soltani and his son Armin, as well as the Christian art community, Hungarian refugees and all civil and human rights activists for this great achievement. This is a remarkable example of the extensive influence and unique impact of art.

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