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Stand with us to expand the kingdom of God?

We believe that art is the most powerful and expressive language for fostering friendship, interaction, and mutual influence between cultures. Artists, valuable gifts from God to the Persian-speaking Church, play a crucial role in advancing His kingdom.

This ministry has continued its journey with the cooperation and support of those who understand the importance of cultural and artistic ministries and have shared in the path and dream.

You too can join the community of supporters and collaborators. Even those who believe they may not have significant ability can surely find their place in at least one of the sections below.

Click on any section you wish to contribute

If you have any questions or need further clarification in any section, please contact us 

Praying Together

Prayer holds primary importance in our perspective. That's why, alongside the Epiphany, we initiated a parallel ministry called "Prayers Tower" because we believe our ministry will not progress without the prayer support.

Art Class

We have several projects that are ready to be implemented, but due to the limitation of human and financial resources, they cannot be implemented at the moment, such as:
1- Holding a Christian art festival.
2- Produce and publish new Poetry book.
3- Produce Christian folklore music.
4- produce a short film of "redemption or sacrifice"
5- Writing a book on the history of the church or... 

that you can participate in.


1- Editor and graphic designer.
2- Art consultants and researchers.
3- Assistance in fundraising.
4- Assistance in content creation for the website or social media.
5- Translator.

Vlogger Equipment

1- Preparation of musical instruments for students of worship academy.
2- Provision computers and electronics equipments.
3- Providing cameras and filming equipment.


Since our scholarship and admission capacity is currently limited at our worship academy, we hope that more students will be given the opportunity to study with the support of the church and the sponsors. You can become one of the supporters.

Portrait with Megaphone_edited.jpg

1- Introduction us within the local church.
2- Among family and close friends.
3- Through social media platforms such as Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Telegram, Twitter, and more.

Some may find it peculiar why the use of social media is emphasized. This is because, in the contemporary landscape, cyberspace stands as the most effective means of communication.


If you want to plant seeds for any essential and general needs in this ministry.

Contact Us

P.O.Box 116353 Carrollton

Texas 75011-6353 

+1‪(757) 752-8755

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