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Annual Newsletter 2023

We are delighted to share our annual newsletter on this last day of 2023, and we wish the upcoming year to be filled with joy for you and your family and significant victories for the kingdom of God.

This year has been brimming with challenges and opportunities for us, but with pride and joy, we must say that the Lord has granted us notable victories and significant strategies toward achieving the goals and vision we have discovered through Him.


While challenges and uncertainties may lie ahead, we are assured by the Lord who has called us to this noble mission and the capabilities within our organization to execute strategic plans, ensuring growth and transformation in the years to come. We are poised to capitalize on the emerging opportunities through significant investments in research and development, technology, and talents, preparing ourselves for strategic steps in the future.

With a steadfast belief in the unique potential of art to transform culture and bring healing to humanity, we will strive to manifest the glory of our Lord in the most magnificent way possible.

In conclusion, we would like to express our gratitude to the volunteers, prayer partners, and supporters. Together, we can move beyond mere aspirations and, with mutual assistance, become transformative and history-making.


Please find our annual newsletter below.

Establish Ava Worship Academy
And Holding Seminars

In the year 2023, we established a virtual worship academy and hosted two transformative web-based worship seminars, with the embrace of 300 eager souls joining our digital congregation. The echoes of these virtual gatherings lingered in the hearts and minds of participants, as post-workshop surveys unveiled the distinctive essence and profound impact woven into the fabric of these sacred events.

We started our registration for the year-long worship course for 2024 on November 15th.
Faith Music
the chosen2.png


Each year, we engage in various translation and dubbing projects. One notable project we had the privilege of working on involved the translation and dubbing of the chosen series, which is now available on Netflix.

To discover more about our activities in this field, kindly refer to the page below.

Folk Music Production

In the tender embrace of our creative journey, we birthed five enchanting Iranian worship folk songs, each note is the heartbeat of our culture, a harmonious fusion of spirituality and tradition. 
These songs are not just musical compositions. we hear the whispers of ancient landscapes and the echoes of heartfelt prayers. They are not just tunes; they are expressions of a profound desire to indigenize the Christian faith, to bridge the sacred and the cultural in a harmonious dance that echoes through the corridors of our collective spirituality.
May these songs be more than melodies; may they be vessels of connection, drawing hearts closer to the divine in a way that feels intimately woven into the tapestry of our Iranian identity.

You can listen to one of the songs by clicking on the link below

Books Translation 

We obtained a license to translate and publish “For The Glory of God” by Daniel I. Block. The translation was completed in October 2023 and will serve as a one of theological and academic reference for the Worship Academy, will be published and distributed in 2024.

As we eagerly await the release, the anticipation is not just for a book but for a vessel of enlightenment that will infuse our worship community with a deeper understanding of divine glorification.

book publication

In the year 2023, we proudly birthed and shared a book named "Jewels in the Dark." This unparalleled creation is a treasury of Iranian Christian miniatures, a historical marvel that stands as a unique testament to artistic ingenuity. Within its pages, biblical sagas unfold through the delicate strokes of Iranian Miniatures, each tale eloquently presented in the form of poetry.
Miniatures created by Amy and Christopher Friesen

This extraordinary book transcends linguistic barriers, extending its heartfelt narrative in Persian, English, Dari, Turkish, and Arabic, adorning the virtual shelves of our website. "Jewels in the Dark" is not just a book; it's an emotional odyssey that beckons readers to explore the intersection of art, spirituality, and cultural richness. May its pages resonate with the biblical of diverse backgrounds, uniting them in the universal language of inspiration and creativity.


 Poetry Invocation

In November 2023, we held a poetry invocation on social media, inviting participants to write Christmas poems. We awarded prizes to three poems as an incentive for their creativity and encouragement.

One objective of this initiative was to assess the societal quality, evident in the submitted poems. Through this call, we also aimed to enhance and elevate the literary knowledge within the Christian community. Sadly, the Iranian Christian community faces significant deprivation and weakness in this domain.
Unfortunately, The gravity of the issue intensifies as societal awareness remains nonexistent. The lack of awareness regarding these shortcomings poses a more perilous threat than the weaknesses themselves.

We plan to host a similar event in 2024 with strategic enhancements, including the implementation of training courses.

Christian Artists Home

Creating a platform for the flourishing of the unique potential of artists as well as the spread of Christian arts to accelerate and advance the kingdom of God and a home for the community of Christian artists.
The Christian Artists Home membership form is located below. Please share this form with any Christian artists in your church or christian community.

Christian Artists Home Dedicated Website with all info


Our Goal And Plans For 2024

In the year 2024, our hearts are ablaze with lofty aspirations and grand plans, all conceived with the singular purpose of magnifying the name of the Lord. These are not just objectives; they are the pulsating dreams that carry the essence of our devotion, endeavors through which we seek to elevate the name of the Lord in ways that resonate with the depths of our souls. May each goal be a testament to the boundless love and reverence we hold for the Almighty, weaving a narrative that sings His glory in every purposeful step we take.


Long-TermWorship Training in 2024

The first long-term Ava Worship Academy courses will begin in march 2024.

Registration started on November 15 and ends on November 15 

For more information and registration, you can click on the link below

Holding a Christian arts festival

A Christian arts festival is vital for cultural enrichment, fostering community unity, providing a unique avenue for spiritual exploration, and promoting Christian values through diverse artistic expressions.


Hold a Poetry Writing Course

Sadly, the Iranian Christian community faces significant deprivation and weakness in poems, and it's so obvious in our worship songs. Unfortunately, The gravity of the issue intensifies as societal awareness remains nonexistent. The lack of awareness regarding these shortcomings poses a more perilous threat than the weaknesses themselves.

Therefore, we have decided not to delay any longer and take a key step in this direction and organize a training course by one of the prominent professors of poetry and literature for the Christian community.

By subscribing to the website, you will be notified when it happens

Grand Orchestra & Choir

Epiphany Arts Culture Foundation invites all volunteer and experienced musicians and singers to cooperate.

There is no age limit, even children with good musical intelligence can register.

Experimental singers can also register

Please share this announcement on social media and with your friends.
Writing on a Paper

Holding linguistics/story writing workshops

Conducting linguistics workshops is crucial for fostering language proficiency and effective communication. These workshops provide participants with the tools to articulate thoughts precisely, enhancing both written and spoken expression. Overall, the importance lies in empowering individuals with linguistic skills that are vital for personal and professional growth. Especially for church servants

By subscribing to the website, you will be notified when it happens

Establish Epiphany Academy

It will be made accessible to the public soon

The goal of Epiphany Academy is to develop diverse cultural and artistic courses, workshops, seminars, and masterclasses designed to equip churches and empower the Christian community with enriching knowledge and skills.

By subscribing to the website, you will be notified when it happens
Sculpture Exhibition

Arts Store

Soon, in addition to the publications initiated since last year, we will unveil a new section in the online store of our website. This section will showcase works produced by artists, aiming not only to provide easy access for the Christian community to all artistic creations but also to support and encourage artists on their journey, motivating them to produce more.

Epiphany Arts and Culture Foundation Cooperation

The role and position of cultural and artistic activities are among the key indicators of fostering growth and shaping the foundations of any society's identity. This is because when a belief becomes a part of a society's art and culture, it embeds itself in the hearts of the people and never fades away.

The Epiphany Arts and Culture Foundation was born with a grand vision and humble hands. Our growth is strangely tied to the growth of the Persian-speaking Church and community.

Explore collaboration opportunities with us on the page linked below.

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