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"The first Persian worship academy"

Apply for the 2025 long-term worship training course 

The long-term and academic worship training course is an unprecedented ministry designed to equip Persian-speaking churches. Please help spread the word about this significant event among your churches and friends.

Application deadline until October 15, 2024

"Teaching worship academically in the church is the heartbeat of enduring faith,

a melody of understanding that echoes through the ages."      

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Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions

Past Events

آکادمی پرستش آوا / Ava Worship Academy
ثبت نام در دومین سمینار پرستش آنلاین/ آکادمی پرستش آوا AWA
سمینار پرستش آنلاین /Online Worship Seminar
مارلین درکاچ / سمينار پرستش آنلاین Marlin Derkach
روش صحیح ثبت نام در سمینار  آنلاین پرستش
سمینار پرستش آنلاین /Online Worship Seminar
سمينار آنلاين آكادمى پرستش آوا
دکتر ناربه چولاکیان مدرس و مشاور آموزشی آكادمى پرستش آوا


  • Equipping

   Equip Persian worshippers with academic courses and

   necessary skills for standard worship ministries.

  • Contextualizing

   Assisting worship leaders in nurturing contextualized

   worship akin to their own cultural styles while also

   learning valuable lessons from Western practices.

  • Developing

   Helping churches grow, inspire, and strengthen their

   worship ministry through short-term seminars

   tailor- made for talented worship leaders.

  • Multiplying

   Dynamic worship music has the potential to draw

   numerous individuals to the gospel, resulting in

   multiplication. Evangelistic worship nights are a

   contemporary means of spreading the gospel and are

   widely popular in Western churches as well.

Our History

  • Previously, our ministry was limited to local and short-term church engagements. However, after establishing the necessary infrastructure, we are now able to offer a global and online ministry and a comprehensive one-year academic program.

  • The educational faculty of the Ava Worship Academy includes counselors and professors with experience and expertise in the field of Christian music and theology in order to equip and train anointed and efficient worshipers.

  • Ava Worship Academy is a subsidiary of Epiphany Arts and Culture Foundation.

  • Ava Worship Academy provides services to churches and it is not a church itself.

  • Our efforts and focus are on providing interdenominational education so that we can serve the majority of Persian-speaking churches.

Why Worship Academy?

Despite the fact that the Persian-speaking churches are growing rapidly, we are clearly witnessing clear dispossession and that is the lack of worship leaders who are experienced and equipped in the churches. Another challenge we face in Persian-speaking churches is the deep gap between our culture and current worship music. Despite the efforts that have been made in this field, Often, our music is a copy of Western music, not Eastern.

Passing these challenges and aspiring for a brighter future, will not be possible except through academic education in music and worship.

Tuition Sponsorship

Ava Worship Academy is embarking on a journey toward a bright future and the construction of church infrastructure. Discovering new talents, encouraging and cultivating them is our dream to create a deep and significant transformation in the church and even in our country, Iran.

In the hallowed halls of academics training method, where disciplines unfurl their unique tapestries of knowledge, the temporal expanse of each course, coupled with the myriad requisites of erudition—comprising tomes, scholastic apparatus, seminars, mentors, and pedagogical guides—necessitates the imposition of a tuition fee.

  • The cost of one year of education for each student is 2500 dollars.

  • There are other annual expenses of $2500 for the formation conference, course development, folklore and worship music production, translation, and writing of education resources, equipment, instruments, etc. which you are also welcome to participate in if feasible.

  • We have scholarships for those who can not afford but unfortunately, our scholarships are limited. 

As our admission capacity is limited, we hope that more students will be given the opportunity to study with the support of the church and the sponsors. Therefore, we invite all those who care about the future of the Persian Church to join us and plant seeds in this extraordinary and historic ministry.

"Through the academic training of worship, the church discovers the keys to unlock the treasury of spiritual depth, ensuring that its legacy endures through the generations." 

You can support financially one or more students through the link below.

Epiphany is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Education Elements

Our courses consist of 3 following parts:

  • Theological courses:

   The focus is on the theology of worship, systematic theology, hermeneutic, and Christian worldview.

We will be offering theology courses in collaboration and partnership with the Pars Theological Center.

  • Music courses:

       The focus is on playing instruments or singing courses and music theory and solfege are intermediate to advanced, group performance and composition.

  • Leadership skills courses:

  The focus is on the methods and skills of worship leading,

  teamwork, and worshiper personality and lifestyle.

Education Program

  • The training courses for full-time students are one year long.

  • Each training course consists of two semesters.

  • The total number of credit units for each year is 35.

  • Throughout the training course, students will have a mentor/guide.

  • Courses are held virtual (Synchronously)

  • Four conferences will be held each year for the students.

  • The start of the training course for the year 2024 will be in March.

If you have any questions, you can contact us through the provided link at the bottom of this page.

Registration requirements

  • Completing the application form (deadline until January 15, 2024)

  • Having intermediate experience in music.

  • Submit a sample of singing or playing an instrument.

  • Commitment to dedicating required time during the training course.

  • Approval letter from the local Pastor.

  • Evaluate and final confirmation by Ava Worship Academy.

Considering our limited capacity for accepting students, priority will be given to those who register earlier. 

Board of Directors and
Education consultants

Ava Faculty