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Mar 1, 2024 - Nov 15, 2024

Long-Term worship Course ( One-Year)

  • 260Days
  • 2Steps


To participate in the long-term worship academy there is an entrance requirement: 1- Completing the application form ( The course will begin in March and the Deadline is February 15, 2024, so please fill out the form carefully and submit all requested requirements) 2- Having intermediate knowledge of music and understanding. which is measured by the Education Management department 3- The recommendation letter from the local pastor 4- Commitment to allocate sufficient time during semesters to attend classes, complete homework, and engage in practice for approximately 8 months per year. 5- Pass the interview. evaluate and final confirmation by Ava Worship Academy. 6- Great interest in seriously learning the worship and word of God and the truths of the Christian faith to serve the church and social life. 7- Intermediate knowledge of the Bible and Christian beliefs and completion of prerequisite courses if required. 8- Passing at least 2 years of personal faith. 9- Membership and faithful participation in a local church. For more info or fill out the application form click on the link below:

You can also join this program via the mobile app.


One Year Worship Course, $2,500.00/year


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