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The Correct Way To Register

To register or fill out the form, please scroll down and select the number 1 in the Quantity section for the desired number of attendees, then click the Checkout button, and then after answering the questions click on the Submit button. If you followed the steps correctly, you should receive an email confirming your registration. (The application form is available in two languages, Farsi and English you can change language in the menu above)

Application form for the long-term worship training course

The long-term and academic worship training course is an unprecedented ministry designed to equip Persian-speaking churches. Please help spread the word about this significant event among your churches and friends. contact us if you have any questions.

Application form for the long-term worship training course
Application form for the long-term worship training course

Time $ Location

Date and time is TBD

Synchronous Online


  • "Through the academic training of worship, the church discovers the keys to unlock the treasury of spiritual depth, ensuring that its legacy endures through the generations."
  • If the registration deadline has passed, you can register for our other courses at Epiphany Academy. Academy link in website menu:
  • Academic Excellence Level:

The long-term worship course adopted teaching model from universities. The course is led by distinguished instructors and professors, all of whom are educated in the fields of theology and music. All classes are virtual and each student has a mentor. Several online and face-to-face conferences will be held throughout the year. Those who will graduate from this course will have significant musical and theological knowledge to confront and influence the new generation and era.

  • Education Program

The training courses for full-time students are one year long.

Each training course consists of two semesters.

The total number of credit units for each year is 35.

Throughout the training course, students will have a mentor/guide.

Courses are held virtual (Synchronously)

Four conferences will be held each year for the students.

The start of the training course for the year 2024 will be in March.

Duration and Elements:

We designed and developed various components in the fields of theology, music scales, worship performance, and the personality of worshipers. Our initial educational program spans one year for full-time students. However, if students choose to remain with us beyond their first year, their courses and elements will become more advanced in their second year. The ultimate duration of the complete course is two years. Which is equivalent to 70 units of an associate degree. The first year and the semester start in March and the second semester starts in August.

  • The number of credits: 

Every credit of AWA represents 15 hours of participation in a learning activity.

In the American educational system, each unit is equivalent to 15 hours of study and educational activities each semester. (which is usually followed by the Iranian university system too) It should be noted that one course in the American education system is between 3 and 4 credits, so each course requires 45 to 60 hours of study and educational activities each semester. The total number of credits for the one-year course of Ava Worship Academy is 35 credits. The two-year AWA training courses are equivalent to an Associate Degree.

  • Credit distribution:

Credit selection for each year:

1- Students must take all biblical foundational courses (12 credits),

2- 4 Music courses (16 credits),

3- 7 credits of practical courses (eg, attend 2 conferences = 3 credits; one year of Mentoring = 2 credits; doing one year of practical service = 2 credits; in total, 7 credits).

  • The prerequisite:

 To participate in the worship academy there is an entrance requirement:

1- Completing the application form ( The course will begin in March and the Deadline is February 15, 2024, so please fill out the form carefully and submit all requested requirements)

2- Having intermediate knowledge of music and understanding. which is measured by the Education Management department 

3- The recommendation letter from the local pastor 

4- Commitment to allocate sufficient time during semesters to attend classes, complete homework, and engage in practice for approximately 8 months per year.

5- Pass the interview. evaluate and final confirmation by Ava Worship Academy.

6- Great interest in seriously learning the worship and word of God and the truths of the Christian faith to serve the church and social life.

7- Intermediate knowledge of the Bible and Christian beliefs and completion of prerequisite courses if required.

8- Passing at least 2 years of personal faith.

9- Membership and faithful participation in a local church.

  • Registration steps: 

After completing the application form, we will review it, and in case of initial acceptance, additional documents such as the pastor's confirmation and in-person test will be taken.

  • Tuition

In the hallowed halls of academics training method, where disciplines unfurl their unique tapestries of knowledge, the temporal expanse of each course, coupled with the myriad requisites of erudition—comprising tomes, scholastic apparatus, seminars, mentors, and pedagogical guides—necessitates the imposition of a tuition fee.

The annual tuition fee for the one-year course is $2,500 per student. We hope that students can cover this cost independently and find sponsors among friends, family, or their local church. Your sponsor can donate through the "student sponsorship campaign" link below:

There are other expenses of $2500 annually for the formation conference, course development, folklore and worship music production, translation, and writing of education resources, equipment, instruments, etc. which you are also welcome to participate in if feasible.

  • scholarship: 

We have scholarships for those who can not afford but unfortunately, our scholarships are limited and finished for 2024.

As our admission capacity is limited, we hope that more students will be given the opportunity to study with the support of the church and the sponsors. Therefore, we invite all those who care about the future of the Persian Church to join us and plant seeds in this extraordinary and historic ministry.

  • Certification:

After the end of the study period, a certificate of completion of the worship training course will be awarded by Ava Worship Academy.

Ava Worship Academy is embarking on a journey toward a bright future and the construction of church infrastructure. Discovering new talents, encouraging and cultivating them is our dream to create a deep and significant transformation in the church and even in our country, Iran.

As our admission capacity is limited, we hope that more students will be given the opportunity to study with the support of the church and the sponsors. Therefore, we invite all those who care about the future of the Persian Church to join us and plant seeds in this extraordinary and historic ministry.

You can get more info on the website:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


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