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The Correct Way To Register

To register or fill out the form, please scroll down and select the number 1 in the Quantity section for the desired number of attendees, then click the Checkout button, and then after answering the questions click on the Submit button. If you followed the steps correctly, you should receive an email confirming your registration. (The application form is available in two languages, Farsi and English you can change language in the menu above)

Application form for 2024 Beginner worship course / Deadline is July 28th and course start from August 3rd

The 4-month beginner online course is an unprecedented ministry designed to equip Persian-speaking churches. Please help spread the word about this significant event among your churches and friends. The course is held in the Farsi language and online. contact us if you have any questions.

Application form for 2024 Beginner worship course / Deadline is July 28th and course start from August 3rd
Application form for 2024 Beginner worship course / Deadline is July 28th and course start from August 3rd

Time $ Location

Date and time is TBD

Synchronous Online


  • "Through the academic training of worship, the church discovers the keys to unlock the treasury of spiritual depth, ensuring that its legacy endures through the generations."

The beginner worship course is designed to educate and prepare those who desire to be equipped for worship service but do not have an academic background in music.

  • Tuition: 

The course tuition fee for the 4-month course is $200 per student. 

Epiphany is a charitable organization that covers a significant portion of the tuition. Remember this modest tuition fee provides an opportunity for you to participate in the continuation of this ministry.

However, for those who genuinely cannot afford this amount, scholarships are available.

(Tuition is non-refundable)

  • Academic Excellence Level:

Worship courses adopted the teaching models from universities. The course is led by distinguished instructors and professors, all of whom are educated in theology and music. Those who will graduate from this course will have the required musical knowledge to apply for our long-term advance worship courses.

  • Education Program

1- Music theory 

2- Music solfege

2- theology 

  • Duration and Elements:

We designed and developed various components of music scales. Our initial educational program spans 4 months for students (15 classes, one class per week). The course for the year 2024 will start on August 3rd. Classes will be held in groups every Saturday from 9:00 am to 10:00 am Los Angeles time equivalent to 19:30-20:30 Tehran time. If someone is unable to attend, they can watch the recorded lesson. However, if students choose to continue with us, they can apply for our long-term advanced worship course. 

  • The prerequisite:

 To participate in the 4-month beginner worship course there are entrance requirements:

1- Complete the application form below this page.

2- There is no age restriction, but those under 18 must have the consent form below completed and signed by their parents:

3-A commitment to allocate sufficient time during the semester for attending classes, completing assignments, and participating in practices.

4- Great interest in seriously learning music the word of God and the truths of the Christian faith to serve the church and social life.

5- Pay the tuition by the link below:

6- If needed scholarship complete the scholarship application form below:

  • Registration steps: 

After completing the registration form, you will receive an email confirming the receipt of your application. Upon review, if the tuition has been paid or, if needed, the scholarship forms and parental consent forms for individuals under 18 have been completed, you will receive the necessary information for attending classes within a few days.

  • scholarship: 

We offer scholarships for those who cannot afford the tuition, but unfortunately, our scholarships are limited. Since our admission capacity is also limited, we hope more students can be given the opportunity to study with the support of the church and sponsors. Therefore, we invite all who care about the future of the Persian Church to join us and plant seeds in this extraordinary and historic ministry.

  • Certification:

After passing the course, a certificate of completion of the beginner worship course will be awarded by Ava Worship Academy.

Ava Worship Academy is embarking on a journey toward a bright future and the construction of church infrastructure. Discovering new talents, encouraging and cultivating them is our dream to create a deep and significant transformation in the church and even in our country, Iran.

You can get more info on the website:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions


  • Beginner Music Course

    This is your application number of registration for the beginner music courses. We will contact you after checking.




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