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To register or fill out the form, please scroll down and select the number 1 in the Quantity section for the desired number of attendees, then click the Checkout button, and then after answering the questions click on the Submit button. If you followed the steps correctly, you should receive an email confirming your registration. (The application form is available in two languages, Farsi and English you can change language in the menu above)

Produce Folklore Christian Songs Campaign

Epiphany proudly invites all donors, volunteers, experienced musicians, and singers to collaborate and create folk worship songs, working together to realize Epiphany's vision of contextualizing Christian music. Please share this announcement on social media and with your friends

Produce Folklore Christian Songs Campaign
Produce Folklore Christian Songs Campaign

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Produce Traditional Christian Songs Camp


Ava Worship Academy is proud to take new and fundamental steps towards the contextualization of worship music. Therefore, it invites all poets, singers, musicians, and financial supporters to join in this journey and contribute to the cultural foundations of the Church in Iran. To express interest in collaboration, you can fill out the form. These songs are not just musical compositions; they are the heartbeats of our culture, a harmonious fusion of spirituality and tradition. As we delicately crafted each melody, we envisioned a tapestry that resonates with the essence of Iran, celebrating the rich heritage that dances within the rhythm of our worship.

In the cadence of these songs, we hear the whispers of ancient landscapes and the echoes of heartfelt prayers. They are not just tunes; they are expressions of a profound desire to indigenize the Christian faith, to bridge the sacred and the cultural in a harmonious dance that echoes through the corridors of our collective spirituality.

May these songs be more than melodies; may they be vessels of connection, drawing hearts closer to the divine in a way that feels intimately woven into the tapestry of our Iranian identity.


  • Produce Folklore Songs

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